We can no longer rely on what we've done for the last 50 years.
Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO
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AARP was built on innovation and has a long history of developing innovative solutions that create opportunity and solve problems for people 50+. It’s part of our DNA. When we launched the new Enterprise Strategy, we set out on a renewed innovation journey together, and everyone has a role.

I want AARP to be recognized as one of the most innovative organizations in the world. That means we must continually be looking at how we can do our work better, coming up with new ideas, looking for ways to bring new products, services and programs to our members, and discovering new solutions that help our members and people 50+ live their best lives. We must foster an AARP culture centered on progress and learning that unlocks the creative potential of our talent and reimagines the way we deliver value for people 50+.

When we innovate, we disrupt aging. We change the conversation about what it means to get older. We help people:

  • Embrace aging as something to look forward to; not something to fear
  • See it as a period of growth; not decline
  • Recognize the opportunities growing older offers, not just the challenges, and
  • See themselves and others 50+ as contributors; not burdens.

It’s really not about aging; it’s about living. AARP is an organization of real possibilities because we believe that experience has value and that no one’s possibilities should be limited by their age. For too long, age 50 has signaled the demarcation point of a long decline into old age. But millions of people tell us that this is the best time of their lives. Through innovation, we are helping people 50+ confront their challenges and embrace their opportunities to the fullest extent possible. We are empowering them to discover the real possibilities that life offers them and creating innovative solutions that help them live their best lives.

Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO
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